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  Paigham-e-Hadees PDF Editions: Click the links below to download the Paigham-e-Hadees. For convenience it has been divided in 7 Parts. All files are in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view below files, which can be download by following the link at the bottom.


1. Paigham-e-Hadees - I Size: 0.30 MB
2. Paigham-e-Hadees - II  Size: 1.30 MB
3. Paigham-e-Hadees - III  Size: 1.10 MB
4. Paigham-e-Hadees - IV  Size: 1.20 MB
5. Paigham-e-Hadees - V Size: 1.60 MB
6. Paigham-e-Hadees - VI Size: 1.40 MB
7. Paigham-e-Hadees - VII Size: 0.30 MB
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Paigham-e-Hadees Complete Package (Zipped)

Size: 7.00 MB



  Paigham-e-Hadees Fast Track Edition: Paigham-e-Hadees has now also been provided in a Fast Track Edition. It is a Single Column reading pane edition and are provided for the ease of some readers.

  1. Paigham-e-Hadees (Fast Track)- I Size: 2.00 MB
  2. Paigham-e-Hadees (Fast Track)- II Size: 2.00 MB
  3. Paigham-e-Hadees (Fast Track)- III Size: 1.60 MB



  Print Your Own Copy Of Paigham-e-Hadees: For people who face difficulties while reading directly from their computers, can print themselves Paigham-e- Hadees through FAST TRACK EDITION. It is provided in 3 PDF files, which makes a total of 209 A4 size pages. Printing on both sides of the paper, by first printing even pages and then odd pages on the opposite side, will employ 105 pages. Later pages can be binded by visiting a nearest Book Binder..

This tip is specifically useful to people living abroad Pakistan, who doesn’t have easy access to published editions. It will serve as a reference book to you and your family. You can gift copies of this self prepared book to you friends and get Sawaabay Jaaria and also encourage them to do the same.


  Print Through Your Own Publisher: For people who want to print their own copies of Paigham-e-Quran o Hadees, through their own publishers, can get INPAGE FILES on request. Make a request through email or use our Online Contact Form.



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  • The English Version of the Paigham-e-Quran book, namely "The Message of Quran" is under the process of compilation. InshAllah Ta'ala it will be available soon.

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