Yousuf.e.Sani,  writer, author and compiler of several books did his Graduation in science in 1979 and later on Masters in mass communication from Karachi University. He had been associated with Pakistan Press International, Daily Jang London and several other periodicals as well as academic & literary organizations since 1977. Books belonging to him are: Dehi Sahafat (Translation), Yousuf Ka Bika Jana (collection of literary articles), Yousuf Sani ki Inshaiyya Nigari (collection of critics’ writings) and Paigham.e.Quran. He has written hundreds of articles in different periodicals during last three decades. By Profession, he is a chemical technologist and has been working with several multinational petrochemical organizations since 1980.


Listed are some comments on the writings of Yousuf.e.Sani by leading Urdu poets and literates:



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  • The English Version of the Paigham-e-Quran book, namely "The Message of Quran" is under the process of compilation. InshAllah Ta'ala it will be available soon.

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      Yousuf.e.Sani, writer, author & compiler of several books did his graduation in Science from Karachi University in 1979 More